Primary and Secondary

Yes, nós somos bilíngues!

In the Primary School, children continue the process of learning how to read and write started in the Kindergarten, with emphasis on thinking, experimenting and discovering.

Children are stimulated to use their natural skills to develop fully, building up autonomy and self-criticism to become the protagonist of their own development through different activities such as language, Arts, Music, Philosophy, Physical Education, and Logical/Mathematical reasoning, also learning intra and interpersonal spatial awareness.

The Bilingual aspect of Casa Branca School – Primary School does not mean simply teaching a new language. Acquisition of the English Language is taught by means of establishing routines and activities for building and repeating the language in such a way that children become naturally familiarized with the second language. Arrival at the primary school unveils a new and challenging world of knowledge to be conquered through reading and writing. Our students learn how to read and write first in their mother tongue (Portuguese). After that their reading and writing skills, as well as their attempts to record their ideas, are done in their second language (English). Only in the third school year do our students start their third language (Spanish).

Operating Hours

The school offers full-time education, with mornings as a time for students to do homework, revise for tests, have reinforcement classes where necessary and participate in extra-curricular activities.

1st year: from 1:30pm to 6:15pm

2nd and 3rd years: from 1:30pm to 6:30pm

Fundamental 2: 6o ao 9o ano das 7h 20m às 13 h 10m

Temos integral opcional para o Fundamental 2 com atividades como tênis de mesa, mandarim, mindfullness, matemática financeira e outras