Pre Primary

Yes, nós somos bilíngues!

Our main proposal is the education, formation and comfort of our students, integrating them into our school with affection, care, and safety, with special focus on the building up of their self-esteem.

Casa Branca School objectives are to:

  • Stimulate child development through educational games, since play is essential.
  • Stimulate imagination, which, according to Einstein, is more important than knowledge.
  • Create a relationship of trust and co-operation between the school and parents.
  • Make enthusiasm the key tool for learning.
  • Stimulate the learning of the English language in a natural, spontaneous way through activities and experiences that value children and their environment.
  • Respect the individuality and the potential of each student.
  • Utilize the phonetic chart for the learning of English and Portuguese.
  • Expose children to a foreign language without pressure, respecting the very precious ´period of silence`.
  • Utilize the multiple intelligence approach, valuing the acquisition habits of the different areas of knowledge.
  • Embrace the basic kindergarten curriculum, offering an environment favorable to learning to read and write according to the age of each group.
  • Develop bimonthly projects with the intention of exploring and deepening important subject matter for our children’s development in the areas of arts, literature, music, physical activity and health.

Operating Hours

The school offers full-time and part-time classes. Recreational activities are given in the morning. Regular classes are from 01:30 to 6:15 in the afternoon.

Nursery I: 1 year old
Nursery II: 2 years old
Toddlers: 3 years old
Kinder I: 4 years old
Kinder II: 5 years old