Yes, nós somos bilíngues!

Initial adaptation to the preschool or day care program is essential to the child´s ultimate ability to make maximum use of the learning experiences made available each day. A well planned initial visit followed by a carefully timed and individualized adaptation period over the first week or two enables most children to adapt readily to this new experience.

Parents can assist with this adjustment by helping their child to develop a daily routine of school related activities. Encourage your child to become organized with school materials such as book bags, paper, crayons and uniform. When your child comes home from school, take time from your busy schedule to listen to your child talk about what happened at school that day.

We make sure that the child gets to perceive the teacher not only as a source of many good things, but also as a source of consistently held limits. This allows a child to develop a sense of trust and security in this very new environment, in which expectations are often quite different from those the child has encountered before.

Remember, adjusting to school is like adjusting to anything new. It takes time, and your child may experience some bumps along the way. But with the cooperation and teamwork of students, parents , teachers and administrators, your child will develop a love for school and learning that will remain with them throughout their life.